A trip to Wanapum Dam

Saturday, June 12, 2010 | |

for the last daydrive before the corey (thecorey.com) disappeared off to the oregon country fair for a month, we followed the warm weather to eastern washington. this led us to the wanapum dam area on the columbia river. a three hour drive in the heat made testing the waters an adventure for corey. i eventually waded in as well, but not without a few screams and perhaps even small shock from the chilly temps.

afterward, looking for a local lunch spot, we stopped in a tiny town called matawa (pop. 2600), where almost 90% of the population is hispanic or latino. coming from out of town, not speaking spanish, and being a vegetarian, proved to be a bit of a challenge. there was a lot of "no carne" being said, with dim results.

i'm a sucker for eastern washington... i love the open land and water and mountains and sunshine. expect more.
for anyone who may care, the first few pics were with the canon16-35L and the last couple were with the iphone and photoshop mobile free app